Flint Water Crisis: Does MLive Have Emails Connecting Governor Snyder To MDEQ’s Silence?

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Will MLive and The Flint Journal take on the roles of Hoffman and Redford
in the 1976 Movie “All The President’s Men” and produce emails
the news resources claims, connect Governor Snyder to knowing about
high blood lead levels in Flint, and ordering the MDEQ to keep it silent?

Who’s Telling The Truth? Is It Governor Rick Snyder or the Journalists At MLive?

Does MLive Have The Emails They Wrote Exist In An Article Claiming The Governor Told Officials at the MDEQ To Stay Silent On High Blood Lead Levels At Three Flint Area Elementary Schools?

Is The Governor Right To Basically Call The Resource – Liars?

Let’s Hope MLive.com Has The Emails!!

On Wednesday, February 10, MLive Media Group broke an story claiming that Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder not only knew about the high levels of lead in the blood tests at three Elementary Schools in Flint, Michigan; but ordered his Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to not release the information for days on end.

Gov. Rick Snyder and other state officials allegedly withheld lead testing results from county health officials while they worked to find ways to present the information to the public, according to emails obtained by The Flint Journal. 

Local health officials say the governor and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality withheld lead testing results, including results from a Flint elementary school, while the agency discussed the best way to present the information to the public. 

Emails obtained this week from the Genesee County Health Department through the Freedom of Information Act, show growing frustration on the county’s part as it attempted to obtain information from the DEQ. 

“MDEQ explained that the Governor prohibited releasing all Genesee County lead results until after the press conference,” wrote Jim Henry,Genesee County’s environmental health supervisor. 

Henry, in an interview Wednesday, said county officials didn’t learn of the test results until they were distributed following a press conference. 

“They should have alerted the schools and they didn’t,” Henry said. 

Gov. Rick Snyder announced Oct. 8 during a press conference that three buildings within the Flint School District tested above the federal limits for lead in the drinking water, including results of more than six times the federally allowable level at Freeman Elementary School. 

The announcement included a plan to buy nine months of water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to end the city’s reliance on the Flint River as its drinking water source. 

An additional $4 million was requested for efforts to address immediate lead issues, including further testing of children in Flint school buildings where the high lead rates were discovered. 

Following the announcement, a meeting was held Oct. 16 with DEQ officials, including then drinking water chief Liane Shekter Smith, and Henry, according to the emails.
According to an Oct. 18 email Henry wrote to county Health Officer Mark Valacak summarizing the meeting, DEQ apologized for not releasing school lead results in a timely manner and claimed they were ordered by Snyder to delay the release.”

The first paragraph of MLive’s Article denotes, “Gov. Rick Snyder and other state officials allegedly withheld lead testing results from county health officials while they worked to find ways to present the information to the public, according to emails obtained by The Flint Journal.” Which means if MLive/The Flint Journal has the goods, they need and must publish all the email communications as soon as festibly possible.

Especially after Governor’s Rick Snyder Dark Money Funded Public Relations Team took to both the Governor’s Facebook Page and the article itself on MLive – to call them liars late into the night.

From Governor Snyder’s Facebook Page:

“Gov. Rick Snyder never ordered a state agency to withhold information about lead testing in Flint schools, but instead quickly announced the results of water tests in 13 school buildings at a press conference in the city on Oct. 8. 

The Governor’s Office unequivocally denies allegations published online by MLive on Wednesday that Snyder ordered the Department of Environmental Quality to withhold results of testing in the schools. 

Flint schools were under order not to drink the water since Sept. 25, 2015. On Friday, Oct. 2, the day after learning about elevated lead levels in in the city, Snyder responded aggressively with an action plan that included testing the water in the schools. 

As soon as the water samples were tested and the results verified, Snyder announced the results at a press conference in Flint on Oct. 8, where he also announced the state would help reconnect the city to water from Detroit.”

Next, to back up what Governor Snyder’s Facebook Page Said – Meegan Holland – the Governor’s Communications Director and Former MLive.com Employee, took to the MLive Comment Section to Post This Comment:

Independent Underground News & Talk | Photo Credit - MLive.com - Does MLive/The Flint Journal Has Email Showing Governor Rick Snyder Knew About High Blood Lead Levels And Ordered The MDEQ To Keep Silent?

So does MLive have the emails? In a “All The President’s Men” Type of Moment – Will They Produce Them or Allow For The Governor’s PR Team To Get Away With Calling Them Liars?

Time Will Tell, Indeed…

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