(VIDEO) Marilyn Mosby, Esq.: The People Will Await Justice for Freddie Gray

Photo Credit – Independent Underground News & Talk

Marilyn Mosby, Maryland State Attorney at Law action thus far in the Freddie Gray unsolved death case proves why elections are important. It is highly unlikely a quest for true justice for the unjust death of Freddie Gray would have been done if the Prosecutor or State Attorney was named:

Robert P. McCulloch, Esq. in the Mike Brown Case out of Ferguson, MO

Daniel Donovan, Esq. in the Eric Garder Case out of New York City, NY

Or many of the other cases across the nation where law enforcement officers involved in the questionable deaths or serious injuries of African-American Men, Women or Children.

Yet, Marilyn Mosby reset the bar on how Justice is started in cases similar to Freddie Gray’s.

Thank you Attorney Mosby and Peace for Justice should be the standard in Baltimore, MD, and for other Prosecutors who take the right actions, going forward.

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