Sugar Law Center files lawsuit declaring Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law ‘Dead’

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According to a lawsuit filed by Lansing, Michigan based Sugar Law  Center for Constitutional Rights, the states’ highly controversial statue Public Act #4 widely known as the Emergency Manager Law dead, and thus hereby no longer public policy.

The organization sent this tweet clarifying its’ position on P.A. #4 and a pending lawsuit regarding the now suspended legislation on September 27th:
In July, Michigan’s Supreme Court affirmed state voters rights to decide during the November 6th General Election to repeal or retain Public Act #4. 

Known as a Proposal Referendum process, the social justice organization Stand Up for Democracy submitted to Michigan’s Secretary of State/Bureau of Elections office slightly over 266,000 signatures of the 161,305 required in March to place validity of the Emergency Manager Law before voters.

The Sugar Law Center posted this statement via its’ website on September 27th:

“The Sugar Law Center, Sanders Law Firm, Melvin Butch Hollowell, Esq, PC, and Goodman & Hurwitz PC on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild, Michigan chapter, and the Center for Constitutional Rights have filed a lawsuit against Michigan Gov. Richard Snyder for his administration’s attempt to keep the controversial emergency managers in place despite the suspension of the law pending a referendum in November that puts Public Act 4 (PA-4) up for direct vote by the people of the state.  

The governor and attorney general of Michigan have resumed use of a previous law, Public Act 72 (PA-72), that was repealed upon the enactment of PA-4.”

A September 18th Marketing Resource Group, reported by MLive of 600 registered voters found a narrowly close percentage of poll respondents would repeal the law over retaining the controversial statue.

The poll survey found 44.6% of respondents said they would cast a “yes” vote or are leaning towards support for the controversial law, with 47.5 percent planning to vote “no” or are leaning towards repeal. Approximately 8% of the respondents are undecided on how to vote on the Emergency Manager Law.

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