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On the program, we discussed:

-Republican Governor Chris Christie might have a bit of trouble on his hands. The Governor first said NO ON from his inner circle had anything to do with closing down a major interstate bridge.

On 1/8 it was announced the email to close the bridge came directly from one of his staff members.

-As Michigan unemployed wait to reach UIA in the State for hours or days, from state Treasurer Andy Dillon — who resigned from his job October 2013– is STILL being paid as a “Consultant” off of Michigan taxpayers dimes. What the heck? Is this Gov. Rick Snyder’s Chris Christie moment?

-Michigan has a Surplus. A Real budget surplus of about $1 Billlon dollars. We will discuss 10 things Governor Snyder could do with the monetary surplus right now, to help state residents..but he won’t.

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