Strange Fruit Post George Zimmerman Trial Continues as JurorB37 Hashtag Trends on Twitter

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UPDATE – July 17, 2013
– At Tanja May of Jacksonville, FL this morning launched a petition calling, for the State of Florida Attorney General and U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Juror B37 for improprieties in her “questionable” decision to free 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman.

The Staff of Independent Underground News & Talk FULLY SUPPORT statements made by Ms. May on this petition, and request for all of our readers add their signature to this cause.

Words of Tanja May reads as followed:

“Prior to the start of the George Zimmerman trial, the defendant requested and was granted a motion to sequester the jury and keep their identities anonymous. 

It is shocking and disturbing to know that in under 48 hours of the verdict being rendered, she has already reached out to a publishing company and secured a book deal. 

Additionally, she appeared on Anderson Cooper’s 360 and made some very questionable statements which one could infer she had knowledge or familiarity of George Zimmerman or family prior to the trial.  

Additionally, her husband is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida (Sanford area) and it is very possible there could be a relationship of some sort between him and George Zimmerman’s father (retired Judge).  

I believe should demand an investigation to determine if there have been any illegal or questionable improprieties with B37’s being selected for this jury. I am outraged as I’m sure all Americans are!,” stated petition organizer Ms. Tanja May of Jacksonville, Florida.”


To our readers, it is a rare occasion if ever that we at Independent Underground News & Talk pull a post.

In this case, we have decided base on based information received via Twitter due  — to the fact we’re a Independent funded blog without vast legal resources available at our disposal — to pull this post. This will remain on this blog, until it is determined factual basis and not by Twitter assumptions George Zimmerman trial, Juror B37.

For COMPLETE clarity, the original article was solely based information contained and widely shared by Twitter users with the hash tag #JurorB37. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Fruit Post George Zimmerman Trial Continues as JurorB37 Hashtag Trends on Twitter

  1. FYI…check a map. Orlando is in ORANGE county – not Seminole county. I've been to the NeJame offices in downtown Orlando (beautiful office & artworks btw).


  2. If Trayvon had really been the aggressor (a scenario of which I am not
    convinced by the way) all George had to do was brandish the gun, hold it
    to his head and say “One false move and you're dead, pardner!” – that's
    it. He didn't. When he told the police dispatcher that he was trailing
    the boy (lest we forget: he was only a boy) he was told – in no
    uncertain terms – “You shouldn't do that”, George continued the pursuit
    in spite of the admonition. That's why he bought the gun with him.
    Georgie was looking for a little action. If Trayvon had shot and killed
    George Zimmerman – in the exact same circumstances – are you
    delusional enough to swallow the notion that he would have walked out of
    the police station that night with no charges filed against him? Do you
    honestly believe that Trayvon Martin – in the state of Florida – would
    have been acquitted of the murder of George Zimmerman? If that's the
    case, have another sip.

    According to every account, Zimmerman had
    no history of racial bias – and I accept that – maybe. But this is not
    merely about race, folks; it is about a grown man who recklessly used
    lethal force on a seventeen-year-old boy when caution and common sense
    would have been called for.

    Trayvon is this century's Emmett Till. I'm just sayin'.

    Tom Degan


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