Ingham County Judge issues injunction on recall vote for state Rep. Paul Scott

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Ingham County Judge Clinton
Canady, orders a injunction on
Rep. Paul Scott (R) (pictured above)
recall effort.

Just when the organizers behind the effort to recall Michigan House Representative Paul Scott (R) believed that he would face a up or down vote of the citizens in Grand Blanc and surrounding areas in the 51st District, a Ingham County judge has issued a temporary injunction

Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady recommended that absentee ballots already collected in the recall effort not be counted. In addition, Judge Canady ruled districts with just the Paul Scott recall question on the ballot not to hold an election, according to MLive. 

Unless the Michigan Supreme Court rules to lift the injunction, its doubtful Rep. Paul’s recall vote will take place during the November 8th general election.
Another confusing recommendation by Judge Canady was to instruct voters participating in the upcoming November 8th election on ballot measures including the Scott recall question, to fill in both options on the recall choice, thus making any vote invalid.

The hearing came after an Oct. 6 Court of Appeals order sending the case back to a lower court.  

Recall organizers plan on appealing the decision to the state Republican majority Michigan Supreme Court, with hopes reversing Judge Canady’s injunction, to allow a November 8threcall vote for Rep. Paul Scott to take place.

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