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Sunday, September 18th, @ 11:00 AM, Reach Out Job Search Radio program was pleased to welcome as our special guest Professional Resume Writer Caitlin Sampson, Co-Founder of Regal Resumes

Ms. Sampson offered this nations’ estimated 25 million job seekers, sound advice on how to effectively craft a winning resume for potential employers in today’s tight employment market. 

Only 3-4% of employment opportunities will be found the traditional online employment posting websites of, or Careerbuilder. In fact, during her interview, Ms. Sampson highlighted job seekers who use networks of trade organizations, referrals from a friend, family or Linked-In connection have a 70-80% ratio of landing an new position within a organization.

Another overused job approach method is using the famous “To Whom It May Concern” to address a cover letter. Instead, Ms. Sampson encourages job seekers to stand out from the competition by researching the name of the hiring manager or human resource personnel and addressing this individual directly in the cover letter.

Regal Resumes “Regal Reach Program” assist one long-term unemployed individual with unique chance to revamp their current resume. More than just a traditional “resume writing” services, Regal Resume with work personally with one winning job seeker each month, offering one-to-one consultation, evaluation and of course a top-winning professional resume (value-$299.99) for FREE!

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