Reach Out Job Search Radio LIVE 8/4-Guest Professor Mark Herschberg-SUNY Jumpstart, Michigan, National politics discussion

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Today’s Reach Out Job Search LIVE podcast beginning at 8:00 PM EST on 8/4 will focus on providing resources to re-start your career after unemployment. Our guest at the 8:15PM EST hour will be Prof. Mark Herschberg of SUNY Jumpstart program. 
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Professor Mark Herschberg
will discuss job search networking
and entrepreneurial opportunities
on ROJS Radio LIVE at 8PM
Professor Herschberg will discuss how to best position your employment search in a difficult job market. 
In addition, he will highlight JumpStart NYC a three-month educational program to help unemployed professionals apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities in opportunities at small business entrepreneurial companies.
We will also discuss and debate the so-called Super-Congress with the debt ceiling agreement, racial over-tones statements against President Obama,  Four Great Hypocrisies about our growing U.S. debt, an extension of signature dates to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder in Michigan Politics and more.
Host Monica R-W is owner/writer for the popular ROJS News website an experienced grassroots and elected local political leader.  Co-Host Tim S. is a political grassroots advocate and historian. As lifelong Michiganders, both Monica RW and Tim S. bring their research, knowledge and Independent options to the issues of the day.
Listen and call into our weekly LIVE podcast with your opinions at 347-934-0185, join us on Twitter @micellstore
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