(VIDEO) Michigan’s Upper Peninsula residents come out in force against Gov. Snyder’s draconian cuts

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Michigan Upper Peninsula residents,
known as “Yoopers” come out in force
against Governor Snyder (R) draconian
budget proposals

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) residents are known statewide as “Yoopers”. They mainly live very peacefully, in quaint communities and towns; with beautiful scenery of tall pine trees, fresh air and the mighty Lake Superior.

Known for the U.P. fishing, hunting, logging and hands on labor industry; approximately 30-45% of its populist work for a version of state Government

Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) alone has six of the states 47 prison houses located in the U.P. These employment opportunity provides good paying jobs in a area of the state, of this nature, are not easy to come by. 

Add jobs in the public schools, state colleges/universities, Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and more, Yoopers would especially feel the pain if Governor Rick Snyder’s (R) March 22nd proposed Draconian fiscal budget proposal is passed in the Republican controlled state House and Senate.

Ironically, Yoopers for the most part, trend to vote Republican. It is expected with a citizenry that provide for their economic means majority off of the resources of land and water, to vote for GOP representatives. That is why when Yoopers come out in protest against the budget Governor Snyder is attempting to mandate on Michigan, people listen.
Snyder’s draconian budget proposals include dramatic cuts to programming a majority of Yoopers normally support: cuts to state Government workers including the DNR, MDOC, K-12 public schools, ending small business and personal state income tax exemptions, adding taxes to pension, retirement, 401K and annuity plans for Seniors, increasing college tuition rates and more. 
In addition, Gov. Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager law, allows him alone to appoint a individual and/or corporation -that can be paid up to $400,000 dollars. This is most than a majority of Yoopers make in ten working years- to nullify a elected city, township or country governmentally elected entity. Hereby, taking away Yoopers’ along with the entire state citizenry rights to elect local leadership.
So, when Yoopers stand up in a protest, downstate Michiganders loudly listen and take notice. On Saturday, April 2nd, residents of Houghton, Michigan in the U.P. gathered to protest actions of Governor Snyder and other Republican state Representatives. The make up of the protest included teachers, union members and other concerned citizens, that rallied at the base of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge for more than an hour, according to Michigan’s Upper Source.com.
They carried signs that denounced laws-like the Emergency Financial Manager legislation- that works against collective bargaining and tax cuts for the rich Michigan businesses to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars Gov. Snyder is proposing in his budget, while cutting much-needed resources for working Michiganders.
Video of Houghton, Michigan in the state Upper Peninsula region protest against Gov. Snyders Budget Cuts via Attitude Flash

One speaker reminded the crowd that along with Gov. Snyder, the Republican state Representatives of the U.P. Matt Hukki, Tom Casperson and Dan Benishek work for them. In addition, they decried in the protest and all of them  should be fired if they don’t start listening to wills of their voting citizens.

“We live in a democracy and this is nothing more than the deterioration of rights,” says USW protester Michael Bellmore.  “It’s time that the person and the people of Michigan, stand up, react, and say ‘no.’ “

The speakers noted that the protest event should help build momentum, as they plan to make complaints heard by to Representatives Casperson, Benishek and Hukki, next week at a town meeting event in Baraga.
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