First, Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile since updates have occurred on our Independent Underground News & Talk and now newly named Independent Underground Radio Network site.

Why So?

Well, the reason is we have been working with a great web-designer Don from (this is a plug for Don’s Services) to design a new, updated and user-friendly site to enjoy our Podcasts, Blog Posts, Information, News and more to ensure your subscriber experience at @IURadioNetwork is top-notch.

Let’s briefly talk about our name change, which we hope will be the last, maybe. However, before you read the rest, make sure to join our ever-growing Facebook Page!

Brief History Review of Independent Underground Radio Network

If you have been a long-term subscriber, follower, and friend of our website, you would know that we originally started out way back in 2010 as Reach Out Job Search or ROJS News.

At that point and time, both I, Monica RW and Autumn S. hosted our podcast, which was focused on Career Advice, Current Events, News and a bit then, of Politics.

As the show continued and grew, both Autumn and I came to the conclusion, we were talking more about Politics than really Career Advice information. Thus, we kept the name, “Reach Out Job Search” but, shorten it to ROJS Media and ROJS News.

However, a friend and mentor who shall remain nameless, basically informed us kindly our show name was downright awful. And they were right.

The show former name did not fit for anything close or near to a podcast whose core focus was the analysis of Politics – National, State and Local.

This is when Independent Underground Radio LIVE was born, specifically in 2012.

The show name fits like a glove to the information given former bi-weekly and now weekly program for Real, Raw and On-Point Commentary, News and Analysis of the National and State Politics Scene, from an Independent Point of view.

Then, Autumn moved on, for a bit, and I, Monica RW ran the podcast for four years as a single Executive Producer, Host and Content Creator.

Over 650 Episodes, 450 plus Guests, a News One “Best Political News Blog” Finalist in 2013, Serving as a Commentator on National Broadcast shows and more; 2017 became the year to kick now named Independent Underground Radio Network, to the 11th Level.

And what a kick it has been. Why are we named Independent Underground Radio Network? Well, if the picture is not a clue above, have developed a full-feigned Podcast Network of shows with individual hosts from around the country.

Exciting? I know, right!!!

So What Is Independent Underground Radio Network?

First. our flagship show, Independent Underground Radio LIVE is still ongoing now seven years strong, airing on Wednesday Nights from 9-11 pm ET, right here from the great state of Michigan proper.

On Tuesday nights, we bring in the Highly-Intelligent Political Powerhouse, Penny Siroka from Penny’s Politics.

Now, Penny halts from Milwaukee, Wisconsin way of sunny Orlando, Florida – where he hosts his Podcast now. Penny’s Politics is a not must miss Program, to gain keen insight on the Political scene from two states: Wisconsin and Florida – along with the National Scene.

As experienced former Union Lobbyist, Penny has unique insight and complex analysis of all things Politics. Don’t miss the Penny’s Politics Radio Show w/ Penny Siroka on the Independent Underground Radio Network each Tuesday night at 9 pm ET.

Friday’s at Noon, ET guess who’s back!!! The Free Speech Extraordinaire, Activist, and all around Superwoman Autumn Smith from the Western end of Michigan, by way of Battle Creek.

Constitutionally Speaking w/ Autumn Smith podcast is a truly groundbreaking show focus on protecting your right to say what you want, defend your rights and protect our First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution Clause to Free Speech in Governmental Matters on the Local, State and Federal levels.

As an experienced Mudraker Journalist, we are beyond pleased to welcome the Truth-Teller Autumn Smith each Friday at Noon ET on the Independent Underground Radio Network.

3WF-Third Wave Feminism on Facebook has more than 46K members and continues to grow by the thousands each month on their quest to defend Women’s Rights. The even better news is that 3WF now has its own podcast and its hosted exclusively on Independent Underground Radio Network Saturday’s at 3 pm CT.

The owner, Content Provider and now Executive Producer, plus Co-Host of 3WF – Third Wave Feminism Page and Podcase Jenni King-Witzel is a trail blasting young millennial halting from the great state of Illinois.

As a highly sought after Politics Analysis, Campaign Manager and Community Organizer, Jenni along with her Co-Host Becca proudly wear the Feminism mantle each Saturday on the Independent Underground Radio Network.

Additionally, Jenni’s show is live streamed on Facebook via the 3WF – Third Wave Feminism Facebook Page. We are so pleased to have 3WF on @IURadio Network.

Wrapping This Awesome Announcement Thingy Up

Lastly, back to the new site. Again, thanks to our wonderful new website designer Don from, Independent Underground Radio Network new web home will be the go-to place for Political News, Information, and Commentary. We look forward to debuting this site right here on June 30, 2017.

Until then, don’t miss any of our podcasts aired on the Independent Underground Radio Network!! Also, make sure to subscribe to one or more of our RSS Feeders on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, Google Play Music, Player FM, Libsyn and more — and BE SURE to LEAVE US A REVIEW on iTunes to let others know what you think about our shows.

Look for our next post soon to tell you, our listeners, ways to support Independent Underground Radio Network via Patreon (COMING SOON) via our Newest Advertisers, by scheduling a LIVE REMOTE Podcast at a location near you and much more.

2017 is the year for Independent Underground Radio Network to kick it to the 11th Level and the best

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