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The Systematic Dismantling America’s Institutions of Government is
taking place under Trump and Company.

Beginning to wrap one’s head around the breakneck pace of information which has happened in America the last four weeks under Trump. It appears a Systematic Dismantling of America’s Institutions of Government is taking place.

First, can anyone effectively keep up with the flurry of changes occurring in Washington, D.C. Everyday, there is a new story, article, point of panic, a concerning nominee for a cabinet office, resignation, new announcements, Tweets, “Breaking News”, and more resulting in a state of outright chaos in America.

Eventually, this amount of an unstable ship sinking on the high seas will seep down in the Capitols of States in the Union, County or Parrish Units of Government and municipal operations — if some forms of what’s occurring at the top of America’s Governmental pyramid have not already.

Trump and company are doing their best to create an unbalanced matrix where the chains of authority and governmental functions – all of them – are squarely centered in the hands of individuals in the White House, seeking to destroy what is left of modern day Democracy, held on by a string.

However, these actions have been transpiring for awhile, bit by bit as greed capitalism has become the mainstay since the 1980’s based “Reagan Years”.

Reductions in Defined Pension Benefits at Corporations into highly questionable 401K programs, “Two-Tier” wage systems, the shifting of healthcare co-pays and premiums into the paychecks of workers from the financial balance sheets of those same Corporations, “Right to Work” laws, to the destruction of Public Education — the last 25 years or so, have led to what is in the White House today.

Former President Obama tried to provide a “stop-gap” to some of the dismantlings of America institutional systems. However, even he could not stop the proliferation of Charter Schools directly threatening the “Public Schools For All” model with former Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan hire.

Although, President Obama did his best to restore systems after the economic disaster President George W. Bush placed on America, the bankruptcy of two or the “Big Three” manufacturers extended the “Two-Tier” payment system model for workers, added health care costs and mandated more employees join the 401K so-called retirement plan model.

Now Trump has no care for anyone who is not apart from his quasi “1% on steroids” group.

With such, Trump is more than willing to collude with dangerous “bad actors” such as Russia, soulless Republicans and Libertarians who claim to be “Bible-Believing Christians”– while really seeking to enrich their own portfolios no matter whom such actions may harm – including those foolish enough to fall hook, line, and sinker for their outright lies, and anyone showing a minor level of resistance to their actions.

All of the above does not equal that all Resistors become silent.

Instead, the Resistors should be fully aware historical institutions of Democracy designed to protect their Free Speech, Press and Right to Assemble are at severe peril. Governmental institutions that were/are intended to keep checks and balances between the Judicial, Executive and Legislature branches are now hanging together by a string.

State, county, parishes and municipal governments can only effectively operate long-term with revenue received from budgets planned and approved by the unchecked and unbalanced one-party governmental unit in Washington, D.C.

America’s institutions are co-depended on EACH other. If the main branch is in chaos, all if it is in chaos, even if the effects are felt later on.

The unsettling and downright disturbing results of America’s November 8, 2016, election results are just beginning to strain its ugly weave on America’s System of Democracy — and sadly, the end result will not be comforting in any way, at all.

The Systematic Dismantling of America’s Institutions of Government has now begun.

Point of Reference: Autocracy: Rules for Survival by Masha Gessen

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