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Dealing with the Cognitive Dissonance for Choice of Faith or None
At All in the Democratic Party

Over the last 24 hours, Faith and who practices which one or none at all has come front and center as a topic as an aftermath of the Democratic National Committee Chair race.

The aftermath end result was a person of the Muslim Faith, Congressman Keith Ellison was denied in whole or in part a role of DNC Chair because he is a practicing Muslim.

An email by sent to members of the 437 voting bodies of the Democratic National Committee, according to TYT Investigative Reporter Nomiki Konst hours prior to the vote, alleged Ellison had “questionable” ties to other Muslim faith practicing members.

A part of the Op-Ed on the site NORPAC – Promoting US-Israel Relations Authored by Ben “Dr. Ben” Chouake MD states:

“Ellison has served in Congress since 2007, but his controversial actions preceded his term in office. During the 1990s, he served as a local spokesman in Minnesota for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam movement. Ellison had publicly claimed in 1995 that Farrakhan “is not an anti-Semite.”

Although Ellison acknowledged to the local Jewish community during his run for Congress in 2006 that he had been “involved” with Minister Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, he minimized his past role as a leader in the religious organization that was rife with overt anti-Semitism and hateful bigotry.”

For the purposes of this article, we desire to keenly focus on this sentence in part, “Ellison has served in Congress since 2007….“.

Circling back to the year 2007, it is now 2017 or upwards of ten years of service to the State of Minnesota, Ellison has given to the Democratic Party holding a position of Congressman within the U.S. Congress.

Noting such, it is more than a bit ironic during a time where the current Presidential Office holder known as “The Republican 45th” has issued Executive Order leveled Muslim Bans, a cognitive dissonance type of smear was launched at Democratic Party Congressman Keith Ellison.

Did the NORPAC – Promoting US-Israel Relations author or its Political Action Committee (PAC) not know of Ellison’s Muslim faith of choice before the Congressman’s decision to run for DNC Chair? Or did just not matter in the nine years prior to 2017?

The question is where a level of cognitive dissonance exist for faith-based churchgoers in the Democratic Party, and it likely to maintain just there, in light of Konst’s reporting.

To be frank, there are many faith-practicing Democrats in the Democratic Party, especially in the African-American community.

In fact, come election time it is normal for Candidates to visit churches or other houses or worship in the Baptist, Methodist (including African Methodist Episodical), Pentecostal and yes, Muslim faiths in order to introduce themselves to parishioners.

The writer of this Op-Ed was Born, Baptised, Raised and is Proud to be affiliated with the Pentecostal faith religion practice, Equally, she is accepting of others who may practice her personal faith of choice or practice no faith at all.

If the NORPAC – Promoting US-Israel RelationsOctober Surprise” type of letter was launched as a last minute smear attack against Congressman Ellison, the action itself would be deeply concerning. Such as action should never be conducted again – against anyone who is a part of the Democratic Party or by others claiming to be part of the party in the future again.

The action presents a bewildering level of cognitive dissonance for what is accepted as a religion of choice for Democrats. Is a person’s religion of choice dictated by a political party, or is it a personal decision – which is what it should always be.

Individuals, including DNC Members, have the right to vote for or against a person for any number of reasons. However, the vote should not be based solely or in part due to a religious faith of personal choice they choose to practice.

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