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The Holiday Season is coming upon us and end of the year. These times should lead to a reflection of what has occurred: Good, Bad, and Indifferent – along with what the future, if any, should look like.

Since 2010, IU News & Talk has operated as one of the few African-American independently owned and operated political commentary, news, podcasting, and analysis –  in Michigan, resources.

IU News & Talk has always been best described as a labor of love focused on presenting the story from an activist point of view.

Our previous stories range from covering Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law, Michigan’s Tax Revenue Restructuring, the now defunct Educational Achievement Authority, Detroit’s Bankruptcy, the flight of Michigan’s and the Nation long-term Unemployed, Governor Rick Snyder’s Administration, the Flint Water Crisis and much more including National News & Politics.

However, decisions must be made whether to carry on this entity into another year or to be frank and honest: ending it at the conclusion of 2017.

For Independent Underground News & Talk to become a full-fledged alternative or independent news Organization, it will take financing. As noted with America’s most recent National Election, news and commentary organizations – and especially independent ones – will be under attack for fair and honest reporting.

A strong possibly exist – such smaller news and commentary operations similar to IU News & Talk could be subject to harassing legal actions for truth-telling designed end their business model.

The recent case of Gawker​ against Billionaire Peter Thiel (a Donald Trump Financer and Supporter) is just one case of example — as Gawker has now been shuttered financially.

Over the next two weeks, Independent Underground News & Talk will evaluate our future, however, it should be known that IU News & Talk is strongly leaning towards shutting down operations on January 3, 2017.

We will Broadcast our final Podcast of the year on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at 9 pm ET. Feel free to tune in, call in and share your thoughts about IU at 734-347-0185.

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