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Hillsdale College defiance to align with #BoycottRush shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The self-described “citadel of American conservatism” privately-funded educational institution, makes a point of denying  its’ students Federal Financial Aid programs due to not wanting the government to “determine their freedoms“.

“To avoid the hassles of government control, Hillsdale College announced its decision to end participation in all federal financial aid programs in 1985. In 2007, Hillsdale announced that it would no longer accept State of Michigan taxpayer subsidies earmarked for student financial aid, thereby making the College completely independent of taxpayer support.”

Worse, they think President Barack Obama has some “evil plot” to take over Hillsdale’s version of a “free will” thoughts on its’ educational process.

“WHEREAS the Obama Administration and Congress today appear, even more than the worst of their predecessors, bent on extending federal control over American higher education and other areas of American life; now therefore be it.”

Where do Hillsdale College obtain monies to privately-finance over 85% of the educational institutions students? From far-right wing organizations Heritage Foundation and Young America’s Foundation. As a “non-profit” YAF at least avoids paying the little things in American life, like taxes.

“Young America’s Foundation is an educational organization that sponsors speakers on campus and in the community, provides activist resources and materials, holds conferences and seminars, and saved the Reagan Ranch. As a non-profit, educational foundation, it engages in non-partisan and non-political activities; all contributions are completely tax deductible.”

How can a organization be non-profit but supports “activists” political activities and views? You decide.

Back to Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Turning the Grandfather clock back to 1987, Hillsdale College had a little scandal of its own when it comes to degrading woman, similar to the broadcast they support, “The Rush Limbaugh Show“. In fact, Hillsdale’s Board of Trustees might believe Limbaugh’s vile and vulgar comments against Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke might be in line with his “academic freedoms“.

“In 1987, Hillsdale College’s dean of women initiated a lawsuit against another faculty member, alleging he had made slanderous remarks about her in the context of a controversy around her role in the selection of the editor of the student newspaper, The Hillsdale Collegian.

A letter to the editor signed by sixteen faculty members questioned the appropriateness of legal action in this dispute. One of the three faculty members who had prepared the letter, history professor Warren Treadgold, was informed afterwards that his probationary appointment would not be renewed.

A subsequent investigation by a committee of the American Association of University Professors concluded that Hillsdale had violated the Association’s standards in the context of the nonreappointment and found evidence that the administration had made that decision because of Treadgold’s role in preparing the letter, even though this activity “should have been protected under generally accepted principles of academic freedom.”

Pressuring Hillsdale College to join 14 other sponsors and three allifiate radio stations in #BoycottRush going to be a tough task but, not impossible. Especially after taking advantage of Michigan and nationwide Tax-Payer funded educational dollars by starting a charter school organization.

“Drawing upon the experience and success of Hillsdale Academy, the College’s private K-12 school, an education department uniquely devoted to classical liberal arts learning, and the College’s relationship with outstanding charter schools nationwide through its Center for Teacher Excellence, we are confident that this new charter school will become a model both within its state and beyond,” said Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn.

State and Federal monies work in some ways but, not others, we guess. If Hillsdale college believe its can work around defying #BoycottRush, ROJS News would say, we just found their soft-spot or “cash-cow“.

From the Department of Educational website who regulates Charter Schools nationwide:

“The Charter School Program State Education Agency (SEA) Competition provides grants to a state’s Department of Education (or to a State agency serving the same function) to plan, design, and implement new charter schools, as well as to disseminate information on successful charter schools.”

Step One- Contact Hillsdale College Board of Trustees to demand they support pulling sponsorship of “The Rush Limbaugh Show“.

Step Two-
Call Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn to insist the educational institutional support #BoycottRush.

Step Three- If unsuccessful in steps one and two, contact Hillsdale’s “cash cow” Governmental Charter Schools funding, and ask the U.S. Department of Education why does a college that deny its’ students’ Federal Financial Aid” so willingly accepts Charter School Tax-Payer supported assistance via SEA?

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